Apple Music Classical: what is this new application and when it will be available

Great news for lovers of classical music, since after a long time of waiting, Apple has finally announced that already has an official date for the launch of its application called Apple Music Classical.

Those who are users of an Apple device had to wait a long time to enjoy this app, since it was in 2021 when the company bought Primephonic, a streaming music service specialized in classical music, and announced its integration with Apple Music through a special platform.

Initially, Apple promised that the release of Apple Music Classical would take place in 2022, but this did not happen. Now, it is only a matter of weeks before users can try it.

What has attracted the most attention is that everything indicates that Apple Music Classical will be much more than a huge catalog or library of classical music, since the application It will include curated playlists, biographies of great composers, guides related to key works and exclusive albums.

Also, Apple affirmed that its new app has more than 5 million music tracks and regarding the reproduction quality, the works can be enjoyed up to Hi-Res Lossless (lossless audio) with a sampling frequency of 192 kHz at 24 bits; In addition, thousands of recordings will also be available with spatial audio to make the experience even “more immersive.”

Regarding the portraits of the artists that will be in Apple Music Classical, these were created by a group of various artists, made in high definition, “who combine historical research with color palettes and artistic references to each period of classical music” .

Apple Music Classical Release Date

Officially, the app will be available from March 28 but you can reserve it from now on. If you want to download it, take into account that you must have a device running iOS 15.4 or higher for it to work properly.

Practically, Apple Music Classical will be available almost everywhere in the world, except in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China, although Apple indicated that they are already working to launch their product in these countries in the near future.

Another important point that you should know is that in case you are already subscribed to AppleOne, this platform will be completely free, although it is not available for Apple Music Voice.

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