$4 million in fines Judge imposes on a store for selling sick pets in Manhattan

A judge ordered the former owner of the “Chelsea Kennel Club,” a shuttered pet store in Manhattan (NYC), to pay nearly $4 million in fines for selling sick puppies.

In addition to paying for the violations, Yardena Derraugh will need to establish a fund as refund to customers that they were cheated by the business. According to the sentence, nor will he be able to open a pet store again in the city.

He Department of Consumer Protection (DCA) of the city presented a demand in May 2019 accusing the store of regularly selling sick puppies and altering veterinary files to cover up misdeeds.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Melissa Crane granted a default judgment against Derraugh and his company in January, finding them liable for the claims, after they they did not respond or did not appear at a hearing on the lawsuit.

Now Crane imposed the heavy fines because, once again, “they have not responded or have not appeared in this action,” he alleged in his decision.

“We are very satisfied with the court’s decision,” said DCA Commissioner Lorelei Salas. “While we cannot eliminate the tragic misfortunes consumers have experienced with the ‘Chelsea Kennel Club’, we are pleased that a restitution fund has been mandated.”

The Humane Society of NY exhibited the pet store for the first time in 2017, which was located at 213 7th Avenue near 22nd Street, after conducting a two-month undercover investigation.

Last year NY State Attorney General Letitia James also filed a lawsuit against Derraugh and the company. The defendants have not commented, he said. New York Post.