Biden says that in 10 days 100 million vaccines will have been applied in the US, one of his goals

President Joe Biden He delivered his first address to the nation on Thursday. since he came to the White House. He does it a year after the coronavirus pandemic was declared and when he turns 50 days at the helm of the Government. The president emphasized inoculation against COVID-19, which according to him will help the next July 4th can somehow also celebrate “independence from the virus”.

Standing, leaning against a lectern in the East Room of the White House, Biden said that In 10 days, 100 million doses of the three vaccines will have been applied available against the disease, a goal that he himself had set for his first 100 days in office but which, according to him, will be reached in 60.

“Tonight, I can say no. We are not only going to reach that goal, but we are also going to exceed it. Because we are on the way to achieve this goal on my 60th day in office. No other country in the world has done this,” the president said.

The president also stated that will request states that on May 1 all adults are eligible to receive their vaccine and that his Government will launch new tools in May to search for nearby COVID vaccination points.

loss and suffering

In the first part of his speech, Biden addressed the suffering caused by the pandemic due to the loss of life and economic hardship that millions of families have faced. The president considers that everything that has happened in this hard year has marked the country.

“Right now, the total of deaths in the United States is 527,726more deaths than in World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War and 9/11 combined,” the Democrat said.

The president assures that, for him, the deceased are not only victims of the coronavirus but also people who They died alone and left behind “loved ones who are suffering a lot.“. Biden also spoke of other losses: losses of work, of “control”, of training for children, of faith in democracy and, “perhaps worst of all, loss of hope“.

In these moments of mourning, the president assured that his “fervent prayer” is to unite a divided nation.

reopening of schools

In an intervention that was prudent and hopeful at the same time, Biden was confident that the US rescue plan, which he promulgated this Thursday morning, will make it possible for “the majority” of schools up to eighth grade (K-8) open in their first 100 days of governmentsince the aforementioned stimulus package includes a game precisely to make this possible.

“With the approval of the American Rescue Plan – and I thank the House and the Senate again for passing it – and my announcement last month of a plan to vaccinate teachers and school staff, including bus driverswe can accelerate [el] massive nationwide effort to safely reopen our schools and meet my goal […] to open most of the K-8 schools in my first 100 days in office,” he assured before adding that this would be the main priority of his new Secretary of Education, Puerto Rican Miguel Cardona.

“The truth” before the 4th of July

“Fellow Americans, you deserve nothing less than the truth,” the president said, citing a woman who had asked him to know that truth. And for all of you wondering when things are going to go back to normal, this is the truth: the only way to get our lives back [y] to get our economy back on track is to defeat the virus“, he assured.

The president acknowledged that “this is one of the most complex operations that we have undertaken as a nation in a long time” and insisted that it is necessary for everyone do their part keeping the safety measures and getting vaccinated when it is your turn to “find the light in the dark”. Biden also warned that the pandemic is not ending and that “things can get worse again with the new strains.”

“If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do it together, for the On the 4th of July there is a good chance that you, your family and friends can get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day,” Biden said during his primetime speech. The president specified that it would not be in any case a massive celebration, but in small groups.