Republicans campaign against third stimulus check to avoid affecting them in the elections

Republicans united in Congress to reject the American Rescue Plan and now they close ranks again to attack him, due to their fear that it will affect them in the 2022 elections.

The Republicans’ position goes against what most Americans, including their own party, think.

A Morning Consult survey revealed that the 75% of Americans support the aid package boosted from the president Joe Biden. Among Republicans the percentage was 59%.

Republicans also want to presume that the economic recovery that President Biden talks about “really started” during the president’s administration Donald Trump.

“The approach among congressional Republicans is two-fold: highlighting provisions they hope will be detrimental to Democrats and accusing their political opponents of trying to take credit for an economic recovery,” says an analysis of The Hill.

However, the Democrats will not stand by and watch as their opponents try to take credit for them and the president Joe Biden and the vice president Kamala Harris will begin a tour called “Help is Here” to explain more details of the package of $1.9 billion dollars.

The Republicans maintain their speech that more than a trillion dollars of the funds are destined for “things that are not about the pandemic” of COVID-19but leave aside the economic effects of the pandemic, as if it were a separate matter.

“There is a lot, a trillion dollars worth of non-COVID stuff. When people find out about that, they will be outraged”, considered Senator Marco Rubio (Florida), who will face re-election.