Senator Bernie Sanders confronts Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and throws him in the face of the $ 78,000 million he has earned from the pandemic

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders he started it against Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezosfor having declined his invitation to a legislative hearing next week on the issue of economic inequality.

“It is very unfortunate that Mr. Bezos will not join us at our hearing. While he has enriched himself with $78 billion during this pandemic, families are struggling to survive, so why is he spending a lot of money to prevent workers from organizing a union at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama? ”, questioned the politician in a message on Twitter this Friday.

It is precisely for this issue that the independent senator of social democratic ideology summoned Bezos to participate in the exchange next Wednesday.

Neither Bezos nor Amazon as a company have explained the reasons why the tycoon will not participate in the hearing.

Sanders, as chair of the Senate Budget Committee, also invited Jennifer Bates, in charge of training employees at the Bessemer warehouse, where some 6,000 will participate in an election to decide whether or not to unionize.

It is not clear if Bates invited.

According to Sanders, Bezos, the richest man on the planet with a business network valued at $180 billion, is leading an aggressive campaign to destroy the union.

In the opinion of the legislator, who unsuccessfully promoted an amendment to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 as part of the Biden Administration’s third stimulus bill, the magnate seeks to prevent workers from collectively negotiating for better wages, benefits and working conditions .

Amazon fights back

In its defense, the e-commerce company argued that most of its employees allegedly do not want to belong to a union and have led campaigns against efforts in that direction, complaining about the dues they would have to pay to the union.

Additionally, Amazon believes that employees receive generous benefits for being part of the company. which include a starting wage of $15.30 an hour, well above the federal minimum wage of $7.25.