5 reasons why the egg is a basic to lose weight

The days when the egg was judged as a food harmful to health are long gone and the good news is that It is currently considered one of the healthiest superfoods on the planet.. The truth is that we are not going to get tired of talking about the immense nutritional and medicinal power that the eggs: They are rich in high-quality protein, healthy fats, and important essential vitamins and minerals. Although integrating them as a fundamental element in the daily diet is of great help to enhance health, they also provide unique properties that make them one of the most recommended foods to lose weight

The slimming benefits of eggs:

1. It is low in calories

It is well known that the infallible formula for weight loss lies in reducing daily caloric intake and the level of physical activity. A large egg contains 78 calories., which are perfectly justified with their nutritional power, in such a way that having two scrambled eggs with vegetables for breakfast will be a most nutritious and slimming breakfast. Eating a salad with 3 hard-boiled eggs provides 240 calories: add celery, carrots and a little olive oil and you have a complete meal for 300 calories. Remember the importance of eating whole eggs, the yolk is rich in essential nutrients.

2. They provide great satiety

Eggs are considered one of the more nutrient dense and generous foodsThis is related to its high protein content. Which is also related to its immense satiating power, it is well known that protein consumption is important and fundamental in weight loss and in fact it is related to better appetite control. It has various references in which it is found that meals with eggs increase the feeling of fullness and make the caloric intake lower in the following meals. It is highly recommended to consume them as part of breakfast, starting the day satisfied is a good ally to eat less throughout the day, without going hungry and with the highest nutrition.

3. The yolks promote the burning of calories

It will always be more advisable to consume whole eggs, lose fear of the myth about its caloric value and give the body everything it needs. Egg yolks are a nutritional treasure trove, cThey contain an essential nutrient for calorie-burning metabolism: the hill. It is a micronutrient that often goes unnoticed and is very important for the proper functioning of organs and systems, since it participates in many functions within the body, including metabolism, nerve function, and brain development. UA full large egg provides approximately 145 mg of choline, at the same time it is a substance that is directly related to weight loss. according to a study of Journal of Human Kineticssupports the benefits of supplementing the daily diet with choline, to promote a lower body mass.

4. Vitamin D from the yolk is a powerful abdominal fat burner

Another of the wonders about the composition of the egg yolk is its vitamin D content and that it is distinguished by being a very important nutrient in bone health and the immune system. The truth is that it is not found naturally in many foods, which is why egg yolk is a great nutritional alternative to obtain good levels and protect health. And study released in 2018 found a correlation between excess abdominal fat and vitamin D deficiency, in cases of overweight people. This research paper also concluded that healthy levels of vitamin D in the diet can potentially reduce abdominal fat.

5. Egg fats benefit weight loss

It is time to break with the idea, which associates the consumption of fat with weight gain. Whole eggs, that is, considering the yolk, provide much less fat than is thought; and large egg contains 5 grams of fat and a long list of beneficial substances for the body. This contribution represents less than 10% of the total fat needs per day. Additionally, research published in Diabetes and Endocrinology magazine, has shown that consuming fat is not the enemy of losing weight; in such a way that as long as they are obtained from healthy sources (as is the case with eggs) they will be of great help to maintain a lower body weight.