Costco will open 6 new locations in the US

Costco plans to open 6 new branches in the United States. Next, we tell you where you can find them.


One of the newer stores is under construction for members residing in the Salem, Oregon area. Located right along the state capital, the warehouse is a relocation that was approved in 2020.

While the news of the new location received some positive responses on online discussion forums, others raised concerns about increased traffic in the area and questioned what would happen to Costco’s old location.

The Salem store is expected to open this March 2022.


The city of Riverton, Utah, will have the newest Costco store in the state. With almost 45,000 residents, Riverton is said to be part of one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.

The store will open in May 2022.


Costco plans to kick off the summer by opening a store in the city of St. Augustine.

Costco bought nearly 17 acres in the city for a hefty price of $2.5 million. The 162,000-square-foot store will include Costco’s tire service center, liquor store and gas station.

The site is expected to open in June 2022.


College Station, Texas, is another location that plans to open a Costco warehouse in the summer. The store began to enter the construction phase in November 2021. Customers will not have to wait much longer, because the store is expected to open in June 2022.


California will soon have two new locations in San Marcos and Murrieta. The San Marcos location will become the second Costco Business Center to open in San Diego County in March 2022.

Costco says customers shopping at Business Center stores can find a larger selection of beverages, single-serving snacks and earlier hours of operation than regular stores, since they open as early as 7 a.m.

Costco is also scheduled to open a store in Murrieta, and it will be the city’s first warehouse. The project is nearing completion and plans to open in June 2022.

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