What you never knew about Coca Cola

Undoubtedly one of the brands most deeply rooted in American culture is Coca-Cola. It is one of the most emblematic drinks in the world, which is not only the perfect accompaniment to popcorn at the movies and most fast foods. Is he most traditional and classic soft drink that we have memory of, not in vain it brings together a wonderful story and incredible curious facts. Coca-Cola was created in 1886, although it is a brand that has gone through many ups and downs since its creation, one of the most fascinating facts is that its secret recipe has remained practically the same throughout the years. The reality is that it is very likely that despite its effects on health, it will continue to be one of the all time favorite drinks; to the extent that today it is not only enjoyed in a huge glass with ice, it is used to give a most original touch in numerous recipes (especially to marinate meats).

The truth is that Coca-Cola is a product that is here to stay. We invite you to have fun learning more about this popular drink, which is undoubtedly a brand that throughout its evolution it has left its mark.

1. The logo is red, due to old tax laws

Any advertising specialist will agree that The Coca-Cola logo is awesome. the truth is that its history hides more details than a simple design. John Stith Pemberton, who created Coca-Cola in 1886, had originally advertised the soft drink as a “temperance” drink or as a good alternative to alcohol. In the 19th century alcohol was heavily taxed and of course Coca-Cola wanted to make sure that their (non-alcoholic) beverage was not taxed. The story goes that they began to paint the barrels filled with Coca-Cola red so that the fiscal agents could distinguish them from alcohol, when transporting them. Over the years, its signature vibrant red color remains an easy way for fans to recognize Coca-Cola cans and bottles anywhere in the world.

2. About the iconic design of its bottle

Another of the details that make Coca-Cola’s image so special is, without a doubt, its iconic and beautiful glass bottle. The most curious thing of all is that it was created with the aim of stand out from your competitors, since at the beginning of the 20th century many impostor soft drinks tried to imitate it. In such a way that in the year of 1915, the trustees of the Coca-Cola Bottling Association, were given the task of contacting various glass bottling companies, so that they could design “a bottle so distinct that it could be recognized, even in the dark.” The winning company, Root Glass Company, created the iconic green glass bottle, with ridges and the embossed Coca-Cola logo. Although today it is easier to find cans and plastic bottles among the most popular presentations, glass bottles continue to be a treasure and the most traditional and classic presentation, there are even some beliefs that indicate that the product tastes much better in glass. .

3. Coca-Cola invented the six-pack

The creativity of this brand is unmatchedalthough nowadays we are used to relating the term six pack with beer, it is a false belief. The reality is that the Coca-Cola company invented this concept in the year of 1923said presentation was created as a marketing strategy for people to buy more product, easily and in a same packaging.

4. They were responsible for popularizing coolers

The current custom of packing drinks in a cooler for a picnicWhether on the beach or on a road trip, we owe it to Coca-Cola. In the beginning it was very common to use metal buckets to contain water and ice, and thus cool the drinks, the truth is that Coca-Cola helped modernize the cooler concept. In fact it has supporting data that the Coca-Cola company in the year 1929, debuted with the launch of the first standardized open-top cooler. This first version was a rolling metal container, containing up to 72 bottles of Coca-Cola and guaranteed to keep them fresh for many hours. Years later Coca-Cola in the 1940s hired industrial designer Raymond Loewy, who was responsible for creating a portable version of the fridge. He even came up with the genius of integrating a bottle opener in the cooler, without a doubt an invention that we all appreciate today.

5. Coca-Cola has a certain degree of responsibility in the image of Santa Claus

another of the great Coca-Cola advertising strategies, was to relate their product to the Christmas season and of course to Santa Claus. In 1931, the company hired Haddon Sundblom to paint images of Santa holding Coca-Cola bottles. According to the soft drink company, those images helped create the modern interpretation of St. Nick and they also made the brand become a very important and traditional element in family celebrations at the end of the year.

6. Coca-Cola was the first product advertised on the cover of Time magazine.

Coca-Cola’s popularity was growing like foam and this boom made advertising become a very important part of the brand’s essence. In 1950, Time magazine featured a cover illustration very special and original: showed the Earth drinking from a Coca-Cola bottleSomehow the artwork was a reflection of how popular this classic soft drink had become. The rest is history, since this content opened the door to an extensive and consistent advertising strategy.