Will they replace Pap smears with blood tests?

The fight against cancer continues its course, and in different parts of the world they are looking for ways to detect it even before it appears in order to eradicate it. In this sense, blood tests can be a new alternative for the early detection of this disease. Here we will talk a little more about it.

Blood tests instead of Pap smears

According to a newspaper article The Galician Mail, The arrival of the vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, has been of great help in detecting and treating cervical cancer. This vaccine is complemented by regular controls to detect said cancer.

To verify the situation of the first women vaccinated against HPV in Spain, the National Health System has recommended phasing in the HPV blood test instead of periodic Pap smears.

According to the report promulgated by Mireia Díaz Sanchís and Silvia de San José, this change could reduce the mortality caused by this type of cancerand that with constant vigilance, it is possible to cover a greater number of women.

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The home test that could replace Pap smears

On the other hand, in the United Kingdom other tests have been carried out to replace cytologies or Papanicolaou tests to detect cancer. According to BBCNamed Test S5 by researchers, this test measures different chemical changes in samples of urine or vaginal fluids.

In this way, according to what Dr. Belinda Nedjai says, it is possible to detect precancerous lesions with this test that in the conventional way. Although the specialists feel that they are on the right track, they still need to carry out more tests.

The truth is that, until another alternative is found to replace them, Pap smears continue to be important for detecting cancer, especially in women over 35 years of age. So the periodic visit to the gynecologist is important to maintain a good health.