Texas Threatens to Arrest Convicted Criminals for Life If They Are Caught Crossing the Border Illegally

A new GOP bill is premised that convicted felons caught illegally crossing into the state of Texas would face life in prison.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick spoke about the state’s attempted border crackdown after a group of at least 1,000 migrants were seen running across the Paso del Norte Bridge in El Paso on Sunday.

“We introduced a bill on Friday, Senate Bill 2424, to show those who come here illegally that we mean business in TexasPatrick explained.

If you come here and have a felony conviction, you could face life in prison.. This is a completely new crime. And if he crosses illegally for any reason, up to a year in jail, the second time up to two years,” he added.

If approvedSB 2424 legislation would make illegal trespassing in Texas a “new state felony”thus authorizing the authorities to “arrest and prosecute all illegal border crossers anywhere in Texas”according to him announcement from Patrick.

“A word to those criminals who continue to cross the border: we are going to put them in jail for life,” Patrick said.

This warning came after a large group of migrants, mostly Venezuelans, were not allowed to break through an entry point on the border between Mexico and the United States, reported Fox News.

The lieutenant governor said he was not surprised that Texas moved immediately to respond to the crossing, but added that the dangerous situation shows what can happen as long as President Joe Biden “keeps leaving this border wide open and inviting people to come to America”.

“Imagine if those thousands hadn’t been stopped, there could have been bloodshed at the border,” he said.

“How would the Mexican troops have responded? How would those running through the barbed wire have responded? How would our troops have responded? And this is what could happen as long as Joe Biden continues to leave this border wide open and invite people to come to America.”

Likewise, Patrick called on Mexico to step up and close its own southern border.

“Their border is much smaller than our 1,900-mile border,” he claimed. “They could prevent these people from even entering Mexico. That’s what Mexico could really do to help.”

The lieutenant governor of Texas said that under the Democratic government, the United States is experiencing disasters everywhere that have forced the hand of the state.

“When you send fentanyl across the border, you are taking the lives of Americans, many of them, the leading cause of death among young people,” he said.

For his part, the Republican representative for Texas, Chip Roy, introduced a bill that would designate Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) in response to the continued trafficking of migrants and deadly drugs into the United States facilitated by those criminal organizations.

The Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act would require the State Department to designate the Gulf Cartel, the Northeast Cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel, and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel as foreign terrorist organizations.

It would also require the government entity to issue a report on those cartels and any additional ones that meet the criteria for such designation.

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