They ask for the resignation of Alejandro Mayorkas after the invasion of thousands of migrants at the border of El Paso, Texas

Some critics wish that Alejandro MayorkasSecretary of the Department of Homeland Security, leave office “immediately” for his handling of the border crisis after a group of at least 1,000 migrants will force their way into the El Paso, Texas entry pointon Sunday.

Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones said in an interview Monday that the United States is “losing the battle” after recently visiting the southern border to see the crisis firsthand.

“There are places on the border where there is not even security. I’m asking [Mayorkas] to resign immediately. He doesn’t tell the truth. If you don’t believe our country is in crisis and all you have to do is watch a thousand people run across the border, and cross. They used to cross in the dark. Now they cross in daylight,” he said.

Images of the Paso del Norte bridge that connects Mexico and the United States showed migrants pressing against the fence, some raising their hands to encourage others to keep moving forward. Ultimately, their efforts were thwarted, according to some sources at the border.

“There are 171 countries that come through Mexico and the United States. 171 different countries. They get them from China. They come from Russia… They are invading us. For them to stand up and say the border is in good shape, they are lying to each and every one of us.”

On the other hand, Jones said the United States must neutralize drug cartels in Mexico because the Mexican government is too corrupt to do anything about it.

“Our armed forces must get involved and enter Mexico. We need to defend our country right now. And if that means that the armed forces must enter Mexico, we must consider that. And we have to stop this. 100,000 people die of fentanyl poisoning in the United States each year. And that number is increasing.

Likewise, the Republican representative for South Carolina, Nancy Mace, joined the criticism of Mayorkas, reported Fox News.

“Our border is not secure,” Mace said. “Secretary Mayorkas is like a firefighter fleeing from a fire. He should be charged for this. And this lawlessness has to end. This is incredible. They are putting the lives of our Border Patrol at risk here by allowing this type of We are not following our laws. We allow them to come here illegally and stay here illegally without consequences. And they’re seeing the results of that today.“.

In addition, he said that “Secretary Mayorkas has buried his head in the sand. I wish we could charge him for the sh*t job he’s clearly doing at the border.”

In fiscal year 2022 there were more than 2.3 million encounters with migrants, and fiscal year 2023 is close to surpassing that record number.

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