2,800 salons in NYC are still not ready to reopen two weeks after the return of children

This Tuesday marked the beginning of school work by teachers, principals, and staff from the more than 1,700 public schools in New York City, and although the Department of Education claims to be working at a thousand an hour to ensure that the next September 21st everything is ready to receive the children who will take face-to-face classes, at least about 2,800 rooms They haven’t passed the test yet.

This was stated by the mayor himself, Bill de Blasioafter giving a positive report on the inspection status of classrooms in more than 1,400 school buildings in the five counties, where 96% received the green light in matters of ventilation, one of the main concerns to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“The ventilation inspections that we have talked about over the past few days have been completed for the 1,485 buildings of public schools. Again, a total of 1,485 buildings were inspected. And that includes 64,550 classrooms, and what we can say today is that 96 percent of those classrooms (61,568) they have passed the test and are ready to go,” he announced. the mandatarynoting that with the remaining 2,800 it continues to work.

There are classrooms that need a little more work before schools open. Obviously, there is time to make improvements before school,” he said. De Blasio, adding that parents will now be able to see the results of the state of the schools in a specific way on the website of the Department of Education. “Yeah some classroom is not ready, it will not be used. It will only be used when they are ready. But, thank God, the vast majority of classrooms are ready right now,” added the Mayor, noting that daily infections continue in the city with good numbers: 1.49% on the last day.

The Commissioner Lorraine Grillo, from the Department of Design and Construction, He also highlighted that there are a dozen educational centers that until now have not been able to reopen, due to failures that need to be overcome.

The 10 schools we are talking about have 837 classroomsBut I will say that the work has already started, and four of our classrooms, four of our buildings we believe have already been completed and we’re re-inspecting them. So that is a large part of more than 200 of those classrooms”, mentioned the official.

The Chancellor of Education, Richard Carranzagave a good balance on the first day of the return to the schools of the staff, and reiterated that parents and teachers should be calm because the City has prioritized the health and safety of all.

“No doubt this year will be very different in many ways, but I know that today educators, students and families across the city are preparing for the school year to begin and across the city teachers, staff and principals are in their buildings, bringing those buildings to life,” said the DOE chief, who asked parents see first-hand the progress in schools, on the internet.

“Each family will be able to see the results of the inspections we have carried out at their child’s school. Just visit schools.nyc.gov and you will be able to see the list of each school”.

Carranza He also added that classrooms that continue to have ventilation problems will not be used at all.

“Repairs that are not complete by the first day of full-time teaching and learning will not be used. It’s as simple as that. Now that there are 10 buildings that we have identified as needing repairs across the board, we are prioritizing those buildings so that all systems are on par by September 21,” the official said. “Meanwhile, staff in those buildings will temporarily work from home.”