5 tricks to hide gray hair

Las reeds they are a characteristic sign of old age, and a source of embarrassment or discomfort for some people. Fortunately for them, hiding gray hair is possible with enough ingenuity. That is why here we present 5 tricks to achieve it.

1. Natural and mineral coloring

According to an article on the portal Vogue, the natural and mineral coloring technique is one of the most used, since in addition to hiding gray hair, it also offers results similar to those of a traditional balayage.

Its only drawback is that does not allow to lighten the baseso you won’t be able to use dyes lighter than your natural color.

2. Muds and hennas

They function as a technique of make-up what hides gray hair and provides reflectionsbut they do not have a very wide coverage since they can only cover between 30 and 40% of gray hair, so this trick has to be complemented with others.

3. Color baths

Color baths have a broader coverage than muds and hennas, being able to take care of 70% of the gray hair in your hair. These bathrooms, however, do not give a touch as bright and elaborate as that of the traditional balayages.

4. Brush/Balayage

The traditional use of the brush, also known as balayage, is a technique that allows a great coverage at the moment to hide gray hair, and also to touch up the roots. It is one of the most common methods when retouching hair.

Foto: Shutterstock

5. Velo

This technique pigments hair from root to tip almost imperceptibly, offering a very natural result. It is used especially for babylights wicks.

If you want to hide the reeds in an effective way, one of the 5 tricks previously presented may be useful to you. If not, you can also resort to traditional dyes.