Court hearing against Ricky Martin’s nephew is postponed

The Court of First Instance of San Juan postponed until next Monday the hearing on protection order granted to Ricky Martin against his nephew, Dennis Sánchez Martin, for alleged threats and harassment.

The hearing, which was scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, has been rescheduled and will take place virtually, as reported today to Efe from Perfect Partners, the singer’s public relations firm in Puerto Rico.

The protection order was granted ex parte by the Court of First Instance of San Juan on September 8 and states that the singer alleges that Sánchez manifested “a pattern of conduct consisting of threats, persecution or harassment.”

According to the document, “the petitioner demonstrated that there is a substantial likelihood of immediate risk to your safety or that of a member of his family”.

For this reason, Sánchez was ordered to “refrain from harassing, persecuting, intimidating, threatening or in any other way interfering with the petitioner or with members of his family.”

Also to Do not go near his home or that of his relatives and do not contact him by phoneemail or social networks.

This measure came one day after Ricky Martin filed a million-dollar lawsuit for extortion, damages and damages against his nephew, and one day before Sánchez sued his uncle for sexual assault.

Regarding this complaint for assault, José Andreu Fuentes, one of Ricky Martin’s lawyers, assured that they are “tremendously offensive and completely false” statements and part of “a pattern of harassment against the singer.”

Sánchez, for his part, told Unimás television ten days ago that he has “solid evidence” of these alleged attacks, which he alleges occurred when he was 12 years old, and that he hopes “justice will be done.”

The lawsuits before the courts began last July, when Sánchez obtained ex parte a protection order for domestic violence against the singer, a case that was filed that same month at the request of the plaintiff himself.

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