Duel between Arsenal and PSV of the Europa League was suspended due to lack of police forces

European competitions at the club level resume this week, although with respect to the Europa League It has already been announced that one of their duels has been suspended. Specifically between the Arsenal and the PSV, which was going to be played in the Emirates Stadium of London and which has been postponed due to lack of police forces.

As it has been learned, the lack of police will not allow them to comply with all the security and protection for both clubs that had to face each other next Thursday regarding the second date of the Europa League.

Likewise, the main reason for the absence of police forces was due to the fact that most of them are at the funerals of the Queen isabel IIwhich forces an extraordinary deployment of the security forces.

In this way, those led by Mikel Arteta They will not dispute for a second in a second commitment as a result of the unfortunate death of the Queen isabel IIsince the past date of the Premier League It was suspended due to a duel and it is not ruled out that the next one will also be ruled out.

With respect to Europa Leaguethe English are located in the Group A where they march as the leader with three points with two goals made and one allowed; statistics they left in their first meeting.

Finally, the absence of minutes in two games has generated some fear among the fans “Gunners”, although they hope that the club will not be affected in their game, after having a very full start to the campaign to be in first place with 15 points.