‘Fear’ of COVID-19 infections forces the cancellation of the Halloween Parade in the Big Apple

Fright! The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause concern among New Yorkers, despite the fact that infections remain at very low levels, and it is feared that if the massive concentrations are allowed, a new outbreak of the disease may be registered. And for this reason, it was reported that the famous Halloween Parade that takes place every year in the Greenwich Village it’s cancelled.

Although the announcement was expected to be made officially next week by the board of directors of the non-profit organization hosting the event, the director of the ‘parade’, Jeanne Flemingadvanced the decision to several local media indicating that now what will be done will be a “surprise” event”, and not an online celebration, as has happened with other canceled activities.

Billy Porter was going to be the grand marshal and the theme was going to be ‘Big Love’Fleming said.

The parade is always held on the same Halloween Day on October 31, and is the most popular event in the big Apple with more than 50,000 participants and tens of thousands of spectators pouring into the streets from the Greenwich Village until Chelseaon Sixth Avenue, in Manhattan.

And the decision to cancel the event was particularly sad, since this year there are two aspects that would make the stop even more special, and that is that It would be a Saturday night and that day there will be a full moon.

Fleming indicated that seven years must pass before the parade falls on a Saturday, and therefore, in this edition 47 participants were expected will exceed 80,000 peoplewho usually make a big show of Get creative with your costumes.