How can we remove pockmarks?

Las pock marks are the evidence that disease leaves in the body after being cured. These markings are not particularly attractive, so they may make some people uncomfortable. Fortunately, can be removed. Here we tell you how.

About treatments against smallpox marks

According to an article on the portal Web consultations, there are several treatments against smallpox marks given that these marks can inhibit the patient and damage their self-esteem, significantly reducing their quality of life.

However, it is worth clarifying that no treatment has been 100% effective. That is, they do not work for all patients. Even in patients where the treatment works, it is likely that the mark is not completely eliminated, but rather faded.

treatment options

Photo: Pixabay

The chemical peel It is one of the most common treatments against smallpox marks. It consists of the use of a acid solution that removes and regenerates skin marks, which becomes smoother during the process. Dermabrasion works in a similar way, as well as microdermabrasion.

Los dermal fillers They are based on products that are injected into the smallpox scars in order to raise them and match them with the rest of the face. The effects of this treatment do not usually last more than 1 year, so it must be updated.

Laser treatments are another range of options. In particular, the fractional laser has been shown to be very effective in burning the outer part of the skin to promote Cell regeneration Of the same.

Removing as many pockmarks as you can will bring you one step closer to a successful recovery from the disease, which is positive and beneficial for your health. state health. Thus, we suggest you carry out a personalized analysis with a specialist to find the most appropriate option for you.