Ivanka Trump cries during the president’s farewell message as he leaves the White House

the first daughter Ivanka Trumpthe president’s favorite Donald Trumpcried during her father’s farewell message as she left the White House on her way to Florida.

Ivanka will also move to that state with her family, where they are expected to try to form a political career, perhaps towards the Senate, but it is too early to determine.

The president’s daughter tried to stay away from her father’s immigration and racial controversies, but her silence were elements that marked her endorsement of the divisive discourse in the United States.

Also the eldest son of the president, until noon this Wednesday, shed some tears for the departure of his father.

Donald Jr. He has toyed with the idea of ​​running for president in 2024, but so has his father. So there will be a lot to see in the coming years.