Jessica Rodríguez, host of Despierta América, says that her new goal is to be a soap opera villain

Jessica Rodríguez is one of the spoiled faces of Despierta Américais a co-host, has opened up in a recent interview, telling how much she is grateful that her guardian angel -her grandmother- intercedes for her, and allows her to fulfill each of the dreams that she has in life.

This year one of these great desires was fulfilled and that is that Jessica Rodríguez is officially one of the co-hosts of the Univision morning show, but now she is talking about a new goal to fulfill and that is that she always wanted to be an actress, and now she hopes may time allow you to fulfill this desire.

In an interview with Mezcalent, this is what Rodríguez said about it: “When I was little I wanted to be an actress, and then I changed course and went more for journalism, but I know that I have that in my heart that I never developed and it is never too late to do it”.

Another happiness in the life of this young host and journalist is “El Retador” a program that is broadcast every Sunday in the United States. The arrival of this project in his hands, is for Rodríguez a proof of the blessings that he shows thanks to the intercession of his grandmother.

“I think it came at this point in my life for many reasons. I have a very sentimental and emotional part of me that I feel very connected with a ‘little angel’ that I have in heaven, my grandmother, and I feel that she has found a way to put many challenges in my path, but she also puts me in the challenges and puts me in the people who are going to help me get out of them. It is something that I believe in very much, and I don’t know if people believe it at home, but I am one of those people who thinks that they feel those beings that have passed.

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