Karol G and Kimberly Loaiza pose together and turn on Instagram: the public wants them to collaborate on a song

Kimberly Loaiza attended one of Karol G’s concerts in the city of Miami and had the pleasure of sharing with the Colombian artist in private. The Mexican interpreter, who is celebrating the success she has had with the remix of “Después de las 12”, shared a photograph on her Instagram account with Karol G, who is touring the entire United States with her tour ‘Strip sees it’.

Loaiza’s photo with Karol G has more than 1,192,000 likes on Instagram. There the Colombian appears wearing a sensual black outfit of a bodysuit and pants, which make her red hair stand out even more, while Loaiza wore a tight blue dress above the knees and white boots.

In the stories of the Mexican, it was possible to appreciate how she enjoyed the concert of ‘la bichota’, singing and dancing all the songs from the FTX Arena in Miami.

This photo of both artists got hundreds of comments from the users of that popular social network. Here are some of them: “Of empowered and admired ladies”, “The queens gathered”, “Aaaa how cute @kimberly.loaiza the two bichotas”, “WHAT!!!!!!! WE NEEDED COLLABBB”, “What father would be a duet together”, “both bichotas”“Omg I hope to see a collaboration with karol for fis” and “A collaboration of these goddesses would be a bombaaaaa”.

Karol G has been touring the United States for several weeks with his new tour and has sold out the shows in every city he has been to. During this tour, the Colombian also fulfilled one of the biggest dreams she had as an artist: sing at Madison Square Garden.

Hours before going on stage at this important venue that has hosted thousands of world-renowned artists over the years, The Colombian expressed her excitement at finally being there: “Today, after 10 years of putting it on my dream list, I’M GOING TO SING IN THE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN IN NEW YORK,” said Karol G.

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