Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo celebrated their son Mateo’s birthday with a fun theme of the Argentine National Team [Video]

One of the most influential couples in entertainment and sport, that of Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo celebrated the birthday of their eldest son Mateo Messi on September 12 but said celebration had the curiosity of having a rather particular theme.

While many seven-year-olds dream of a party based on superhero, cartoon, and other characters, Mateo Messi asked his parents that his party be celebrated with an albiceleste theme, that is, about the Argentine National Team.

And both Lionel and Antonela fully complied with the request by throwing him a birthday party in style that included shields from the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and shirts from the double world champion.

In fact, Mateo himself and his brothers Thiago and Ciro were also seen wearing the shirt that the senior team will wear in Qatar 2022.

Besides, the birthday cake had two floors and had details such as a soccer ball and the AFA shieldall this added to the name of Mateo large in the background and an ornament with the number seven that was not a tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo but the years that Messi’s first-timer was celebrating.

The video of the celebration was published by Antonela Roccuzzo as a story on her Instagram account and later replicated on social networks.

Watch the video here:

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