Pablo Lyle only reacted to a “panic” situation, his lawyers said in the manslaughter trial

The lawyers of the Mexican actor Pablo Lylewhat is tried in Miami for the death of Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández, 63, to whom he punched in 2019 in a traffic discussion in Miami, they alleged this Friday that the hit was his reaction to a “panic” situation.

Dressed in a blue suit, shirt and tie, Lyle attended his first oral hearing jury trial being held in a Miami courthouse presided over by state judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez.

The defense and the prosecution presented their arguments on this first day of the involuntary manslaughter trial open to the soap opera actor as “Adorable curse.”

“You will decide if the blow was intentional or it was a reaction”Bruce Lehr, Lyle’s attorney, told the jury.

Lehr gave a description of the facts according to which Hernándezin a fit of rage, was the aggressor, since he approached the vehicle in which Lyle was traveling with his children, violently touched the driver’s window and addressed the occupants in an angry manneramid the hysterical crying of minors.

The evidence will show, the lawyer added, that Moments before Lyle approached Hernandez, he did raise his hands, but not to protect himself, as the Prosecutor alleges, but he did it with his fists raised, “and Mr. Lyle instinctively, without intent or thought, he hits it once.”

The event, which occurred on March 31, 2019the day Lyle was on his way to the airport with his family in a vehicle driven by his brother-in-law Lucas Delfino, was recorded by security cameras at a nearby gas station.

Video footage shows that at a red light the Cuban got out to recriminate Delfino for a maneuver he had carried out.

Delfino got out of the vehicle to discuss with Hernández, moments in which his car, apparently without brakes, began to move, a situation that forced Lyle to go down to try to stop him, and that caused him to “panic”, This feeling increased when he saw that the Cuban turned around and went to his vehicle, according to his lawyer in court.

As the pictures show, Lyle approached Hernández, hit him and the Cuban instantly collapsed on the floor. Four days later he died in a Miami hospital, shortly before he was to marry his fiancée.

The attorney for the State Attorney’s Office, Shawn Abhuhof, during his shift pointed out that Hernandez did not get in position to fight and “when he realized that someone was running towards him, he turned around and raised his hands.”

He added that Lyle approaches the Cuban with the intention of “causing harm” and that he hits him in the face “because he blames Mr. Hernández for this situation.”

Prior to today’s hearing, the magistrate dismissed a defense motion on Thursday that requested that the statements Lyle gave to the Miami Police when he was detained at the airport in this city not be taken into account.

The Mexican has been free on bail and has been under electronic surveillance since shortly after the incident.

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