Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer celebrate their eighth anniversary and she hopes to “multiply these years”

The actress Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli have become one of the most famous couples and consolidated of the Mexican show business, where they have also shared with their followers of the different social networks what those years have been together while they continue to build their path hand in hand.

“¡¡Life of my love!! 8 YEARS THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH LOVE @sebastianrulli every day we build this relationship, loving you makes me happyYou fill me up in every way. Thank you for the complicity, for being my great love, my family, my friend, my best companion. May life give us health to share many adventures together, I love you deeply and so beautiful”, Boyer began writing on the Instagram social network.

After the celebration of her eighth anniversary, she stated that she was grateful to all her fans for always sending them their good vibes and affection for both, since they consider that each one has also been part of their love relationship. In addition, she hopes that they continue to add more years of romance together.

“I want to write many things, share it with you who have been part of the most important moments of our lives. Thank you for making everything more special with your love for us! We feel very lucky and grateful! WE ARE GOING TO MULTIPLY THESE YEARS“, ended by saying the interpreter of the character of ‘Teresa’.

In turn, the comments and good wishes to one of the least controversial relationships in the world of entertainment did not wait, Internet users did not hesitate to send them good wishes and congratulations at such a special moment for the couple as this is.

“Long live your love forever”, “Congratulations, may you always be very happy, I love you”, “I love you!!! Fan of his love”, “Happy Anniversary. Wishing you the most beautiful things in life!! I adore you with all my heart”, “Huge hug for both of you”“You are an example of love, complicity, friendship, respect, affection, patience”, “How beautiful is beautiful, may there be many more years”, “Happy anniversary my love, a unique couple”, were some of the expressions which generated the post.

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