Superset training: save time and get more out of it

Superset training consists of working two muscles and performing two exercises, one after the other, without rest, with different movement patterns. This method is primarily aimed at saving time. Because it’s an intense workout, it keeps your heart rate elevated, resulting in more calorie burn in the same amount of time than a regular workout. You will be getting the best of both worlds: strength and endurance at the same time.

There are different types of supersets. There is talk of two main ones: a) for antagonistic muscle groups. A perfect example would be a biceps curl plus a triceps extension. While the biceps are being worked, the triceps would be resting, giving the muscle a chance to recover. b) And the supersets for the same muscle group, where we can mention squats plus leg extension, whose objective will be to work the same muscle from different angles and thus achieve greater muscle development.

In both cases, supersets, like any training method, can be applied by assigning one day for the upper body and the next for the lower body, and choosing two or three muscles per day. It would be as follows:

  • Monday: biceps + shoulders
  • Tuesday: quadriceps + glutes
  • Wednesday: triceps + back
  • Thursday: hamstrings + glutes
  • Friday: chest + abs

Additionally, it is essential to have an eating plan adjusted to the final goal, be it fat loss, muscle mass increase or improvement of well-being, in general. All aspects are necessary and inseparable in order to improve physical condition.

When we talk about food, we must remember the principle of bio-individuality: each body is unique. However, in general terms, we can take into account the following tips to complement physical training:

Include protein in all meals

  • Reduce consumption of processed products
  • Include high fiber carbohydrates
  • Increase the intake of micronutrients that we can find in fruits and vegetables
  • Drink enough water
  • Rest

In short, supersets, combined with a good diet, can make a big difference and help us achieve our best version.

* Anais Ferreira es Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist.