Tax Season: 4 Tips to Make Your IRS File Smoother and Get a Faster Refund

It’s tax season now, and for the whole process to go smoothly and you get your refund – if you’re owed it – within 21 days after the IRS accepts your return, then you should follow these recommendations.

1–Watch out for the deadline

RRemember that the tax filing deadline is April 18, 2022. By this day you should have already filed your 2021 individual return and paid your taxes from last year.

Please note that the deadline can be extended for anyone who requests an automatic 6-month extension.

2–Consider delays

Due to the pandemic, the IRS has been having trouble processing all returns. In fact, it has 6 million individual filings from last year that still need to be processed, as reported on CNN.

These delays occurred primarily because the IRS had to process and mail the stimulus checks, in addition to the Child Tax Credit payments.

Due to all this extra workload, the agency has been behind in some processes, so it is best that you use the online tools that are in the portal Before callingsince it is very unlikely that someone will be available to assist you.

3–Keep the letters from the IRS

If you received financial aid last year, such as the Child Tax Credit or a stimulus check, you should expect to receive a letter from the IRS.

These letters will help you to complete your declarations, since They will help you calculate how much support money you have received. and what you owe in taxes for that money.

4–File online and without errors

Most taxpayers get a refund. The IRS will likely give them to you within 21 days of receiving a return. Please note that this will only be possible if your return is error-free, you file electronically, and you choose to receive your refund through direct deposit.

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