5 surprising culinary uses of apple cider vinegar, ideal for losing weight

Lately apple cider vinegar has become one of the most popular ingredients as a good complement in various nutrition and wellness trendsespecially it is a popular item in the field of natural health. Although it is normally associated with great health benefitsthe reality is that it is very multifaceted and is also related to uses for beauty and cooking.

Between his great medicinal benefits (many of which are backed by science) apple cider vinegar has been considered a good ally to promote weight loss, helps reduce high levels of sugar and cholesterol in the bloodhas the ability to kill many types of bacteriareduce to Abdominal fat and it is very useful to improve the heart health and treat diabetes.

Specialists in medicine and nutrition recommend consuming variants of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegarthis is because they contain “the mother of vinegar” which are threads containing a series of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the final product a cloudy appearance. It is believed that the mother of vinegar is the substance responsible for its medicinal benefits.

Using Organic Apple Cider Vinegar different dishes, cooking methods and remediesis a great alternative to get your great qualities; best of all is that it is rreally low in calories and it will add a lot of flavor to meals. Known 5 great culinary uses that will help you have a Healthy weight.

1. Helps preserve food better

Not surprisingly, vinegar was used for many years by various cultures as a great element to extend the life of food. Integrate it into all kinds of dishes such as salads, sauces, ceviches and marinades It is a powerful ally to better preserve food, this is because it makes food more acidic and this deactivates your enzymes and kills any bacteria that may be present in food and that may result in infections and diseases.

2. The best ally of vinaigrettes

Vinegar is one of the Fundamental ingredients in any dressing or vinaigrette for salads and vegetables. Preparing your own dressings at home is one of the best and most direct uses that can be given to vinegar to obtain all its healing benefits. At the same time, they are characterized by being much healthier and low-calorie preparations than the commercial versions, it is very easy to make them, consider a good olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper.

3. Vinegar for perfect boiled eggs

Eggs are considered one of the more nutritious and consumed foods in the world, boiled eggs are probably considered the healthier and less caloric alternative. The truth is add vinegar in the hot water with which eggs are poached It is decisive in a good final resultthis is because thanks to the vinegar the protein contained in egg whites it becomes firm much faster when in contact with a acid liquid. This means that accelerates the coagulation of the egg whitesAt the same time, boiled eggs are one of the main dishes that nutrition specialists recommend for lose weight.

4. Delicious marinades

In gastronomy, vinegar is a very popular ingredient to make all kinds of marinadesespecially those used for marinate meats It is a good alternative to get your healing benefitsit is usual to combine it with red wine, garlic, soy sauce, onion, cayenne pepper, among others. Not only full of flavor stews and meat stewsis a delicious and low calorie sauces, since it does not contain any type of fat.

5. Fasting remedy

Probably one of the rmost popular natural remedies of recent times is to consume apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach, some dissolve a couple of teaspoons in a glass of water and others they usually dissolve it in a cup of hot water adding a cinnamon stick and a touch of raw honey. In any case, its fasting consumption is associated with great benefits for me.improve the functioning of the digestive system, intestinal and combat all kinds of stomach ailmentsyes; by accelerating intestinal transit metabolism is increased and the belly fat burning