FBI Arrested New York Youth for Instagramming During Capitol Hill Riots; his mother defends him

Nicolás Moncada, a young resident of Staten Island (NYC), was arrested yesterday by the FBI for allegedly broadcasting live his participation in the Capitol riots on January 6 to stop Joe Biden’s presidential proclamation.

Additionally Thomas Fee (53), ex bombero FDNY residing in Freeport (Long Island) would also be being investigated by federal authorities after sending a text message to an acquaintance with a photo of himself surrounded by rioters inside the Capitol Rotunda. Until last night Fee had not been arrested, he stressed ABC News.

Last week the FBI had already arrested in New York at least two followers of President Donald Trump linked to the attacks in Congress what they leave five people dead and another for making extremist threats from his home in Queens.

Moncada, 20, was arrested yesterday at his home on Taunton Street, and federal agents remained at the scene. “He is now in custody for his role in storming the US Capitol while our representatives were inside carrying out their constitutional duties,” the agency reported yesterday. a Twitter.

The feds were able to locate Moncada because he livestreamed the January 6 assault on the Capitol building on Instagram.a police source told the New York Post. He is due to appear in Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday, the source said.

His mother, Joan Moncada, He told the press yesterday that his son was not causing a disturbance and just wanted to see what was happening inside the Capitol. “It bothers me that everyone is jumping to conclusions (…) he is a good boy. Simply I don’t want to see his future ruined because he wanted to see what was happening.

According to federal court records, Moncada’s classmates at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) betrayed him after recognizing him from photos and videos during the siege of Congress.

In an email yesterday, the school said Moncada studied illustration there, but has not registered as a student since May.