Green light to reopen malls and casinos on September 9 in New York, but without food

Malls in New York City can reopen on September 9 at 50% capacity without indoor dining service, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today.

The measure also applies to casinos across the state the same day, but 25% of its capacity.

In all cases, mandates of mask and distancing social; and the municipal and state inspectors They will take care to enforce it.

After the announcements, again The sector most expected to reopen in NYC, apart from cinemas and theaters, remains in limbo: interior service in restaurants, something that has even requested the president of the City Council, Corey Johnson.

But Cuomo today doubled down on his repeated complaint that New York City is not effectively enforcing compliance, claiming that there is no manpower to oversee thousands of restaurants in all five boroughs, highlighted NBC News.

It’s one thing to have a plan, Cuomo said. Another is to be able to enforce it. “I want to open the restaurants in New York City. The economic damage is extraordinary.” the governor admitted. “My opinion is that restaurants should open. The question is how.”

Plagued by questions about indoor dining at virtually every daily briefing, Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that New York City restaurants are overwhelmingly complying with COVID rules and regulations, and that he hopes to have at least a schedule for the end of the month.

Meanwhile, there are cases as absurd as restaurants open and others without authorization to do it separated by just one block, on the border between Queens (NYC) and Nassau (Long Island).

Also in the neighbor New Jersey ban lifted, effective from tomorrow Friday. This, by Cuomo’s own admission, places New York in “competitive disadvantage”.