He promised the “green card” to several undocumented immigrants. But it was a scam

Three immigrants fell into the trap of James Archibald, a 53-year-old Canarsie (Brooklyn, New York) man who promised to get them their work permits and their greencard. He now he has been accusedaccording to Brooklyn Paperof scam and stole $8,500 from undocumented migrants.

The three undocumented immigrants, from St. Kitts and Jamaica, hired Archibald to process their documents at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The victims denounced that, once they paid their scammer to carry out their immigration procedures, Archibald disappeared and they could no longer contact him.

Prosecutor Eric Gonzalez said Archibald “He is accused oftaking advantage of some of the most vulnerable members of our society who were victimized while trying to comply with federal laws. I compromise to protect all Brooklyn residents, regardless of status and I advise everyone to be careful who you hire when seeking immigration services.”

Archibald, indicted June 10, faces up to seven years in jail if convicted by a jury, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. He had against him criminal complaint with ten counts for larceny in the third and fourth degree, scheme for first degree fraud, first degree immigration assistance services fraud and fifth degree criminal possession of stolen property. He will have to appear in court on August 8.

Archibald owned a company called the American Caribbean and Asian Development Organization with which, according to the district attorney’s office, he allegedly processed immigration documents between 2016 and 2018.