How does summer affect sexual desire?

He seasons flow influences the human body, and one of the aspects in which it is possible to trace this influence is the sexuality. Below we detail the relationship between the sexual desire and the summer.

The influence of summer on sexual desire

According to an article on the portal take care plusa team from the Psychology-Sexology Institute of Mallorca indicated that summer is susceptible to propitiate sexual encounters due to a hormonal change.

Specifically, the high summer temperatures stimulate a increased production of oxytocin and endorphinstwo hormones related to the sexual desire. When these hormones increase, so does our desire for sex.

The team points out, however, that sexual desire is also influenced by other factors, and that it varies throughout our lives, so the weather factor is not a direct cause of its variation.

Possible factors for increased sexual desire

Photo: Pixabay

It is possible to explain the increase in sexual desire in summer by some elements, such as the more daylight hours. Some studies have indicated that the production of estrogen and testosterone, which are sex hormones, increases with exposure to sunlight.

It should also be noted that We wear less clothes in summer than at other times of the yeara trait that can make us feel more attractive, as well as encourage us to observe others more closely.

Las summer related sexual fantasies They also play an important role, since they stimulate our sexuality and increase desire. A recurring fantasy is to have sex on the beach.

The flow of the stations is only one of the variables that influence the sexual desireso the changes you perceive in the enjoyment of the sex They do not depend only on the current season, but also on other factors.