ICE arrests 75 undocumented immigrants in four-day operation in Texas and Oklahoma

75 undocumented immigrants, mostly of Hispanic origin, were detained in a police operation Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which lasted for four days in the north of Texas and Oklahoma.

The immigration agency reported on Tuesday about the arrests that culminated last Thursday.

Federal officials in conjunction with ICE enforcement and removal operations led the mobilization against “75 undocumented criminals and violators of immigration laws,” according to the statement from the immigration entity.

The raid was carried out in 128 counties of both demarcations; although the authorities did not specify the exact place of the interventions.

“49 of the 75 have either a criminal conviction or pending charges. Twenty-six are readmissions or had final orders that were not reported. Of those 26, three – we discovered – have criminal cases pending elsewhere. And one of these is a sexual offender,” he explained. Marc Moore, director of the ICE Dallas field office.

“Obviously, (our officers) know the targets. We are going after specific individuals,” added the director.

Those arrested by “La Migra” They are from the following countries: Mexico (58), Guatemala (6), Honduras (6), El Salvador (2), Kenya (1), Ecuador (1), and Vietnam (1).

Illegal entry, possession of marijuana, assault and identity theft are some of the charges against the detainees.

The report from the federal office comes amid reports of a large raid that would cover some 10 cities in the United States, focused on immigrants who have open legal proceedings in Immigration courts with deportation orders.

Although it had been indicated that the massive operation would begin on Sunday, President Donald Trump he retracted and said he was postponing it for two weeks to give the leaders in the federal Congress time to agree on immigration measures.