Kamala Harris will resign from the Senate on Monday

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will resign from the US Senate on Monday.

The first woman to reach the US vice presidency has already started the process that notifies the governor of California Gavin Newsom on his resignation from the Upper House. Harris will make the formal announcement on Monday.

Harris will assume his new role on Wednesday, January 20. Your oath will be taken by the Supreme Court judge Sonia Sotomayorin an act with a lot of symbolism for the country’s ethnic minorities.

Harris’ replacement in the Senate

Harris’ resignation is a formal process. A few weeks ago it became known that Alex Padillacurrent California Secretary of State, will take the seat on the US Senate until the end of the term in 2022.

Padilla will be the first Latino to represent California in the Senate.

Harris is the first woman in the vice presidency and the first person of black and Asian descent in that office. In her role as vice president, she will continue to work in the Senate since the constitution says that the vice president of the nation is the president of the senate Harris will be the tiebreaking vote when bills are voted on. Democrats and Republicans were left with 50 seats in the Upper House after the Georgia elections.