Learn how to prepare stuffed eggplants like a professional

Bearing in mind that currently following a plant-based diet is the key to gain healthenjoy a healthy weight, prevent disease y live longerit is easy to understand the incredible growth in vegetarian recipes. Based on this, and fortunately, a increased consumption of fruits and vegetabless, which results in a wonderful measure of health.

Take advantage of the use of various vegetables to create recipes in which give priority to the consumption of plant-based foods, is the most valued nutrition trend. Thanks to this in recent years eggplant consumption has grown like foam and this is related to its great nutritional, medicinal potential and immense versatility.

Eggplant is obtained from the plant (Solanum melongena), It does well in hot, dry and sunny climates. And it is a fruit that comes in various shapes, colors and sizes. Among its great qualities, it stands out for its unmatched water content (about 92% of its composition), carbohydrates and very little fatis rich in vitamins, antioxidant minerals and fiber which makes it a very nutritious and light food.

Eating eggplants is related to great qualities for health: they are a great ally for improve digestive functionfavor the good state of the bacterial flora, regulate high levels of cholesterol and blood sugarThey are good for the nervous system and great diuretic potential. They are also a wonderful food great antioxidant power which is associated with great benefits for stimulate the proper functioning of the liverare a good complement in disease prevention and stand out for their protective effect on brain health.

For all of the above integrate the consumption of aubergines in the diet is a basic in all healthy and medicinal food. However, on many occasions it is undervalued and used ingredientwhich is due in large part to the complications related to its handling in the kitchen.

However it is time Lose your fear of cooking aubergines and start using them everywhere types of recipes, are multifaceted and always nutritious. The truth is that many people get frustrated when cooking them and this is mainly related to their ability to absorb fat and his peculiar bitter taste. That is why we present you some practical tips to enjoy them to the fullest and cook them like a professional.

  • Learn to select the proper eggplantsis an aspect that directly influences the final texture and flavors. Try to choose seasonal variants that are fresh and without scratches or bumps on its shellThey should be tender and firm at the same time. Try to measure between 5 y 8 cm and may your skin be smooth and glowing. Whenever they are available choose the varieties of Mallorcan aubergineThey’re a great price-quality alternative.
  • Regardless of the type of recipe you choose, it is always essential to prepare them: you should wash them well and cut the upper ends, cut them in half (lengthwise) and make a few incisions in the pulp (This step is important so that the salt penetrates better). Subsequently it is highly recommended “make them sweat” covering them with salt during 10 minutesthis step is performed for extract much of the moisture and remove his characteristic bitter taste. Of course you should wash them after this step, to remove all the excess salt.
  • Choose brewing techniques that are distinguished by a even cooking processthe most recommended are steamed, baked and grilled. To cook some delicious stuffed aubergines, it is important that you contemplate that they will take between 30-40 minutes in the oven at 160 ºC in being ready.
  • Eggplants do very well meat fillingsso you can create different versions with your favorite vegetables and ground beef, pork or veal. It is important create combinations that go with the flavor of the eggplant pulp, some good recommendations are onion, tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, different varieties of rice and cheese to gratin. Season with spices and herbsthey will fill your dishes with personality, you can also use a rich tomato or béchamel sauce to hydrate them.

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