Lewis Hamilton unloads against Mercedes and ensures that he has the “most difficult car to drive”

british pilot Lewis Hamilton again criticized the Mercedes team for the problems he has had with his car during the current Formula 1 season.

Although this Sunday he did not have such a bad performance in the Italian Grand Prix, taking into account that finished fifth after starting on the back row of the gridHamilton’s ambition wants to go further, but the car does not allow it.

The seven-time F1 champion stated that keep experimenting with the car to understand it a little more.

“We are trying to understand more and more about this car. It’s very difficult to ride, probably the hardest to ride, but as we go on it gets better.“said the Briton during an interview with Dazn.

Hamilton stated that he enjoyed the Monza circuit, where managed to overtake a total of 14 positionsjust like Ferrari’s Carlos Sanz did, after suffering a difficult start.

“I left well, but there was a lot of traffic, I went to the left to avoid problems and I stayed last and a long time behind an Alpha Tauri like in Imola”, concluded Hamilton.

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