Marlene Favela leaves Top Chef VIP, but returns to acting with a new project

Marlene Favela was eliminated from Top Chef VIP. The Mexican actress came to this competition stomping, winning the first immunity challenge she came across, thanks to a spectacular rice pudding that gave her victory.

It was in this challenge that we met Rodrigo Vidal’s version of rice pudding without milk, original and enthusiastic, of course, but it did not give him the victory against Favela.

The protagonist of “Wild Cat”, later, also prevailed in the competition by winning the first major restaurant challenge, not only choosing the winning team, but also proving to be a great leader in times of stress and anguish.

But Marlene let both the public and her classmates know a tough version of herself, since she showed great character, at times she was supportive and at others very competitive, to the point of finishing early during the tests, thus cause chaos among his teammates, then stopping the challenge clock and gaining the upper hand for the trial before the judges. That day Zuleyka Rivera declared “war” for the next competition.

Her time in reality was full of elegance, beauty, courtesy and love. Because in the end, everyone cried her departure, and it is that Marlene made herself loved.

But as the Mexican says well: “When one door closes, another opens.” Marlene Favela was eliminated from Top Chef VIP, but she returns to acting with a new great and important project.

Through Instagram, the actress revealed that she will be participating in the project: “A dad for Christmas”, this is an episode of the Christmas television series “Love at Christmas” that will premiere at the end of the year. The production can be seen through the Lifetime Latin America channel.

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