McDonald’s restaurants are working 10% fewer hours due to understaffing, CEO says

Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s, announced that the 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States have reduced their opening hours by 10% on average due to staff shortagespublished The Wall Street Journal.

The CEO acknowledged that the McDonald’s restaurants are open fewer hours than before the pandemic Because they don’t have enough staff.

In the immediate future, the brand with the golden arches is fighting against the latest variant of the coronavirus, rising inflation and labor shortages.

And in the long term, the burger giant is trying to find a formula to keep growing the company whose products feel outdated to many young consumers, who are increasingly leaning toward different dining experiences rather than mass-produced burgers. .

In October last year, Kempczinski had already acknowledged that restaurant service was slowing down because they couldn’t find enough staff and that some restaurants had reduced their hours.

The manager added that McDonald’s staff had not recovered as quickly as expected and already anticipated that the problems would persist in “the next few quarters”.

On social networks, a message even went viral when an employee posted a message in a restaurant apologizing for the slow service due to the lack of workers.

The outlook looks complicated for the restaurant industry due to the fact that Americans are quitting their jobs in search of better wages, benefits, and better working conditions. and that other people have decided to change industries, retire early or are afraid of being infected.

Some restaurants have had to cut hours, reduce their menus, abandon on-site dining and raise prices, largely because they are understaffed.

Kempczinski ultimately said the chain needed to provide the jobs people wanted and take care of its workers. McDonald’s is one of the companies that increased their salaries by an average of 15% in the last yearas reported by its CEO in October on the earnings call.

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