Melania Trump says goodbye to the White House with a video asking for “love and peace”

Melania Trump issued a nearly seven-minute farewell message yesterday urging Americans to choose “love over hate” and “peace over violence,” in what is supposed to be his last speech as First lady de EE.UU.

The video filmed in the White House was posted on Twitter less than 48 hours before her husband Donald Trump leaves office tomorrow at noon, closing a controversial presidency of four years that was not revalidated by the electorate for a new period, something that had not happened since 1992.

“As Donald and I conclude our time in the White House, I think of all the people I have brought home to my heart and their incredible stories of love, patriotism and devotion“, said the only immigrant who has been First Lady of the United States.

The presidential couple will skip the inauguration of the president-elect Joe Biden in a snub rarely seen historically. The Trumps are expected to be en route to Palm Beach, Florida, when the former Democratic vice president is sworn in.

Trump leaves office sunk by the deadly riot at the capitol on January 6 that delayed the certification of Biden’s victory. The president was accused for the second time last week of allegedly inciting the revolt, something he continues to deny.

His wife of 50 years did not directly mention the attack on the Capitol, but asked his listeners in the message to be peaceful, while broadly condemning the violence. His chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, was one of the first White House staffers to resign over alleged presidential incitement to riot. which killed four Trump supporters and a police officer.

“Be passionate in everything you do, but always remember that violence is never the answer and will never be justified.” said the outgoing First Lady.

He also highlighted his exclusive “Be Best” initiative and his commitments to veterans and people suffering from drug addiction.

“When I arrived at the White House, I reflected on the responsibility that I have always felt as a mother to encourage, give strength and teach values ​​of kindness. It is our duty as adults and as parents to ensure that children have the best opportunities to lead a full and healthy life,” he told the former model born in Slovenia.

“I ask all Americans to be ambassadors for ‘Be Best’, to focus on what unites us, to rise above what divides us, to always choose love over hate, peace over violence and the others before you”, he added.

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