Shakira runs with a bloody heart in her hands, Piqué’s ex prepares the video for her new song

Shakira is now the ex of Gerard Piqué. Today, the Catalan maintains a very intense relationship with Clara Chía Martí, with whom he recently spent a few days of love and passion in Paris. The relationship that was made public a couple of months ago seems to have been consolidated when he was still Shakira’s partner, for this reason the public calls him unfaithful. They say then that “I congratulate you”, the song that the Colombian performed with Rauw Alejando, is definitely a song that reflects the infidelity of this Piqué.

In said song Shakira says: “To complete you I broke into pieces, they warned me but I didn’t listen. I realized that yours is false, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back…”.

These days, on the other hand, some images of Shakira recording what seems to be her new music video have emerged. It is striking that in this the interpreter appears with a bloody heart in her hands. Her eyes as well as hers looked sad and teary as she ran holding what we fear is her heart. The musical theme is called “Monotonía”, and they assure that this theme is the one that worked together with Ozuna.

The images of the video clip were captured by the press on September 12 and according to Mezcalent, the ex of Gerard Piqué and the king of urban music recorded during hours of the morning in a neighborhood in the center of Manresa, on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​where was captured and chanted by his followers.

Here are the images of Shakira with blood on her hands:

It seems that the musical theme that Shakira recorded is called Monotonía. / Photo of Mezcalent
In the images, the pain reflected in Shakira’s eyes is striking. / Photo of Mezcalent

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