What is Cruel World Syndrome and how does it affect us?

Our environment and what we hear daily on the news can sometimes overwhelm us and even distort the idea we have about the world and other people. In this consists the cruel world syndrome

And although this does not have a greater incidence in the health human, can induce us to develop a great apprehension for what surrounds us. Here we will talk a little more about him.

What is cruel world syndrome?

According to an article on the portal Web consultationsthe Cruel World Syndrome is an affectation that consists of believing that the world is more hostile and dangerous than it really is.

Cruel world syndrome is not a mental disorderbut rather the result of the prolonged exposure to violent content that circulate in the media, mainly television and the Internet.

This is a term coined by George Gerbern, a Hungarian-born communication theorist in order to detail the influence of television programs on the way viewers think.

Source: Pixabay

The cultivation theory

The cruel world syndrome is closely related to the crop theoryanother concept by George Gerbern, whose objective was to analyze the long-term consequences of living in a cultural environment determined by television.

The main hypothesis of the cultivation theory states that individuals who spend a greater amount of their time watching television have more likely to perceive the world based on the messages they observe.

If the viewer consumes violent content on a recurring basis, they are susceptible to thinking that what you observe is a reflection of what the real world should beeven if there is information to the contrary.

He syndrome of the cruel world It does not represent a direct health hazard. However, it is important to have psychological help that allows us to differentiate the limits between fiction and reality, and thus not remain in a constant feeling of dismay and overwhelm.